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Uberlândia, Brazil

”Art feeds on ingenuity, on infinite images that go beyond the limits of knowledge and find their kingdom there. All the science in the world would not be able to penetrate it ”(Lionelo Venturi, art historian)

             This is the theme that Muzai (1968), from Minas Gerais, visual artist graduated from the Federal University of Uberlândia (MG), currently develops through his art.

          Muzai, after several years working as a photographer, connected with urban art in the late 2000s, visiting the city of São Paulo when he came face to face with that new street art movement, which colored its old gray streets with figurative art high visual impact. At this same time, perhaps the term synchronicity is the most appropriate, crossing professional and personal difficulties, he begins to paint as a form of therapy. From there he had an insight that leads him to rescue his drawing, forgotten in mid-childhood, and of which he was an old passion along with the old comics he collected. The act of drawing resurfaces with intensity and thus the figures, dolls, characters that become central to their canvases and the first murals made on the walls of the city of Uberlândia (MG) begin to appear in a very intuitive way. In your universe, playfulness may be the main door, where fantasy and dream are some elements that transit in your visual poetics. The simplicity of its line also conveys the simplicity of the gesture, the shapes and the look; the pure colors, the exaggerated dimension and the composition made within blocks and wide structures show the strength of its expression. He has works carried out in several cities in Brazil and the world such as: São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, Recife, Barcelona, ​​Santiago, Valparaíso, Porto, Lisbon and Fafe (Portugal), Madrid, Paris, London and Berlin, currently they are developing projects tailored for businesses and homes.



First place Gold Trophy - Illustration Category - FestGraf 2018. Ribeirao Preto (SP).

Second place in the International Art Contest Generator Hostels in Barcelona - Spain. 2013
First place Festival Arte Urbana MURO - GAU (Urban Art Gallery) - Lisbon 2019.
Wescover creator since 2020

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