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Mr. Ewok One

Brooklyn, NY

While studying Traditional Animation at an overpriced prestigious Art School, MR. EWOK ONE’s most formative education came while he carved out a name for himself in NYC in the mid 90’s.

New York City is both the backdrop and the main inspiration for MR EWOK ONE. 90’s era Graffiti, Break Dancing ( Bboying ), Music and Skateboarding culture provide rich inspiration for his wide ranging body of work. Complex, colorful Graffiti lettering is often juxtaposed with thought provoking portraits of the everyday ‘misfit’ inhabitants of the city he still calls home. His large-scale murals, gallery exhibitions and high profile collaborations have earned him a global reputation as a legendary New York City artist, all while keeping his identity a mystery.

MR. EWOK ONE is currently publishing a book. From decades of trial and error navigating the contrasting worlds of “Graffiti” and “Fine Art”, he now hopes to help aspiring artists by sharing his most valued secrets and techniques.
Wescover creator since 2020

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