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Monique van Steen

Barcelona, Spain

"Bold figurative paintings that add that outspoken feminine touch to your space."
Monique van Steen is a dutch artist who lives and works in the beautiful of Barcelona, yet her paintings are found worldwide in private and public spaces.

In her early 20's she fell in love with the Spanish life-style. It's not only the passionate form of living life that captivated her,
yet also the mediterranean light that enhances the worldy colors and inspire her to paint with the vibrant colors her artworks are known from.

The ever moving inner feminine world is what inspires her daily.

She paints strong women, strong in their fierceness, strong in their hopes,
 yet also strong in their sensuality, in their vulnerabilities and doubts… yet always theirselves.

Her style is aligned with that, 
using a visual language that is easily understood: Urban pop art. 

The flowing outlines speak a clear message and the vibrant colors add intensity to the personality of the depicted feelings.

The Modernist era, ever so present in Barcelona with the recurring natural and female features in the architecture and urban furniture are a traceable influence in her art, 
enchanting your eyes and your heart.
Wescover creator since 2020

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