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MM Digital Designs Ltd.

MM Digital Designs Ltd.

Port Jefferson, NY

"Our mission is to give creatives the power to design unique spaces."
MM Digital Designs is a decor brand geared at bringing artistic designs and products to interior spaces. At MM Digital Designs we believe in pushing the boundaries of creativity. “Surface with a Purpose” is our way of saying we create artwork with meaning. With a story behind every design, interior spaces become stories that need no words. By sourcing old photographs and illustrations, producing original works and by collaborating with like-minded artists and designers, we try to challenge ourselves to dare to be different.

As well-versed spokesman and creators for the decor market we take a great deal of responsibility as leaders. Our mission, with art at it's roots, is to give “creatives”, like ourselves, the tools and resources they need to cohesively bring excitement and harmony to a space. It's no secret that art and space have a vital connection like ying and yang, so it's essential to treat them as equally important.

But leading is not just about inspiring creativity, but also about “doing your part”. As such, part of our mission is to source environmentally safe and sustainable materials and inks for our products.

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