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Michael Haight - Art and Interior Design

Michael Haight

Los Angeles, CA

Since I began my journey with Mahayana Buddhism and the Lotus Sutra in 2015 the path has infiltrated into the ways I interact with others and observe the world. Over time these Buddhist teachings I’ve learned in the Long Discourses of the Pali Canon and other Mahayana Sutras have cross-pollinated with my painting practice and performance/audience based work. Themes of compassion, suffering, cycles of death and birth, and wisdom flow through each image I create. One painting series I’m working through, about Alcoholic Crepuscles, or the nights when my friends and I drank until sunrise, is a study of the false enlightenments we tend to find in society today. This series is anchored by the inevitable sunrise—a new beginning selfishly ignored by those seeking to elongate the nighttime while soaking in their faux academic-spiritual conversations. The other series I am currently working through are focused on human interactions of giving and receiving, control and power, and the benefits of blessings. To set the scene, I use gouache and watercolor over a chalky gesso to create thin, transparent washes of color over wide spaces which evoke my own rendition of Thangka painting. Afterwards I go in with a fine, script-like hand to define and focus form and figure.
Wescover creator since 2019

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