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Michael Anchin - Pendants and Lighting
Michael Anchin
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Michael Anchin

New York, NY

“Michael got his start in glass blowing at a cooperatively run community hot shop called the NY Experimental Glass Workshop
on Mulberry Street in Manhattan in the 1980's.

From 1987 to 1993 hired many of his teachers, extremely talented glassblowers, as assistants to help him produce over 100,000 long neck beach glass vases that were sold all over the world. Then, for the next 11 years, he produced a wide range of one of a kind vases, bowls, glasses, and lighting for sale at his own store on Elizabeth Street in NYC as well as producing work for many other stores worldwide.Michael also works with decorators to produce custom collections for their interior design clients.

Every piece of glass is a unique piece of artwork made individually and signed by the artist, Michael Anchin. From 2000 degree hot molten liquid glass and color made from real earth minerals, Michael blows very colorful, organically shaped vessels in classic forms that seem natural to the material. His work shows off the glass's liquid nature and it's ability to allow light to pass through it allowing our eyes to see pure color in natural form."