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Matthew James McGowan - Murals and Art
Matthew James McGowan
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Matthew James McGowan

San Francisco, CA

“There is a thin line between how an artist lives, and what they create. My art is who I am, how I live, and most of all, what I find beautiful in this world. I strive to seek out the simplicity in design, material, and subject while keeping a strong sense of place. I am not able to make something I do not believe in, and consider each piece of art to be an example of my personality and existence.

I have been painting for thirteen years and using all types of media for more than that. From early years of model making and sketching on long car rides to being the go-to artist in school, art has always played a major role in my life. An art major (visual communications emphasis) from University of San Diego made it official, and I have yet to look back as I continue to develop and change, all the while trying to hone what skills I have, and learn new ones at the same time. From murals to shoes, canvas to bamboo, I feed off new ideas and materials and the challenge of learning how to apply my aesthetic to them.”