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Mark Maresca - Lighting
Mark Maresca
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Mark Maresca

Charleston, SC

“As a classically trained residential architect, Mark Maresca carefully adheres to the strictures of proportion and line. Nowhere is that discipline better reflected than in the lighting fixtures that Mark has designed for The Urban Electric Co. In this collection of sconces, lamps and lanterns, Mark seamlessly blends his design sense with his passion for rich materials that age and endure — and the combination is brilliant.

Maresca’s goal, he says, is to create designs whose patinas and proportions are so classical that they simply look right—not especially modern, nor particularly aged. That mission translates throughout his work, from the structures to the fixtures that illuminate them. “It was clear to us that Mark thought of lighting as an important extension of his architecture when he designed our Watson and Links Cottages at Cassique. His masterful approach brought a sense of purposeful intent to the finished products,” says Leonard Long, executive vice president of Kiawah Partners, who developed Cassique. “Good lighting allows everything to breathe and the furniture to shine,” Maresca notes. “A light should be as beautiful off as it is on, and it should add to the atmosphere of the room.”

With his designs regularly landing in magazines such as Elle Décor and House. “