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Maria Bacha

Maria Bacha

Athens, Greece

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"My artistic expression is free, intuitive and full of emotion. I find simplicity, clarity and peace, in liquid pigments of blue, turquoise, and pink."
Maria Bacha is a Greek painter who obtained qualifications in psychology and psychotherapy before a strong inner desire to search for and discover things about the human soul led her to art. Since then, she's gathered inspiration from nature, light and color to compose a visual language marked by mind, body and spirit. Each of her paintings appears bright and optimistic, with visceral qualities and impressive clarity.

Maria Bacha was the head art teacher for more than ten years in a Greek private school, she illustrated books for the Greek public school and she created many set designs for children's theatrical plays. She has focused totally in her art, as an independent full time artist, in the later three years. She is also a member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts.

Works by Bacha are in Greek public art collection and in private collections worldwide. To date, her works have been shown at solo, group shows and prestigious art fairs in Greece, London and Los Angeles.

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