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Lynn Benson

Kansas City, MO

"Playing at the edges of our world waters."
I was born on the US East Coast and when I was very young my mother drew a flight path map of my father's business trip to Australia, by way of cities and islands. This birds-eye view of our world surely influenced my fascination with the meandering lines where water meets land across the globe. For the last fourteen years my work has been focused on our fragile world waters as news stories of specific water places and issues drive me to respond...The steep challenges and consequences are real. The balancing of poetry and politics feeds and challenges me and my work. I now live near the confluence of rivers at Kansas City, Missouri. In 2010 I left the corporate world in order to establish an art studio near the rivers and to pursue this art life which has led me to exhibit works from Brooklyn to Hawaii. My water-focused works across a wide variety of media can be found in museum, corporate and university collections, as well as private collections across the United States.


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Made In USA

Wescover creator since 2023

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Volland A place for Art and Community
Alma, KS
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Kansas City, MO

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