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Lisandra Ramírez Bernal

Havana, Cuba

The cultural transfomations and the processes derived from it have become an essential element of my work, in vhich I carry out proposals that delve into the historical imaginary, using stereotypes that speak to those socio-historical problems that prevail today.
Apparent naivetè and danger are based in childhood as a period in which a process of solidifying the individual occurs, a period in which adults become bearers of idializations and the toy becomes the perfect instruments, containing within itself different historical moments characterized by different idelizations.
Through my work I play on certain iconographic elements that are present in our culture by using decorative objects and toys that were icons for previos generations that are fotgotten memories in the curio cabinets and trunks of our hommes.They become part of an identity formed by small fragments that come to be inmortalized though these objects that at once make up our history and represent the cultural and political idea of a bygone era.
Wescover creator since 2020

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