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Leanna Wolff Studio

Kailua, HI

"Always enamored by the elements, I’ve found that by incorporating them in subtle ways – lava aggregate, crushed sea glass, coral, sand, and washed up debris – there is a connection made beyond what can be achieved by brushstrokes alone. My pieces add a tactile presence and a natural dimension that is often lost in our increasingly digital world."
Based in Hawaii, Leanna Wolff's signature textured waves and underwater abstract artwork can be found across the globe. Both an artist and a designer, Leanna consciously works with color, energy and balance to create art that interacts with us, recalling experiences that strengthen our connectedness to nature and to ourselves.

Coming from a professional background in architectural interior design, Leanna’s unique approach to the arts has sustained her a niche working with clients on private commissions. Understanding spaces as a whole and how they will be both influenced as well as influential is key to her process. With the ability to include her clients through the creative process, giving visuals to her creations before they even begin, she has gained significant recognition in Hawaii and had the opportunity to create large scale paintings and murals in public spaces as well as private ones.

Currently expanding her inspiration and influence, Leanna and her family are living in Nazaré, Portugal. Alongside her husband and their twin girls, the family works together to create every piece, the 4 year old twins helping to collect glass, shells and plastics off the beach while Otto studies and documents the water through his photography and hand stretches every canvas.

Through art, Leanna hopes to connect people to a moment they shared in nature that brought them a level of clarity and mindfulness not easily accessible in our everyday lives
Wescover creator since 2019

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