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San Francisco, CA

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"Vibrant & Colorful Hand Painted Murals & Artwork"
My art has only one requirement: color. I work in two distinct styles, abstract and geometric-and color is what unites them. I believe these two different processes allow me to be the dichotomous person that I am- on one hand someone who is loose, mellow, meditative and spiritual. And on the other someone who is a control freak, meticulous, and rigid and anxious. I work through this duality and explore the particular subsets of each trait in my series and murals.

I’m inspired by street artists, neon signs, tile work, pop culture,movies, music, the candy aisle and the bizarre reality show that is life. I name my paintings after things that bring me happiness-movies, music and candy. Behind all my work is my personal struggle with addiction. I paint because I got a second chance at life, because it is the thing that brings me the most joy, and so others know there’s hope.

I have mural art all over San Francisco- a few pieces that are open to the public include The Salesforce Transit Center and on Jane on Larkin off Cedar Alley in the Tenderloin. I have private pieces scattered throughout the Bay Area, Colorado, Minnesota and North Carolina.
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How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"One of the reasons I often title my artwork with names of songs and albums- is that I want something tangible for the person who owns it to experience where my head was at as I made the piece. I often make custom playlists for artwork and send them along with the art."
Lady Henze ArtLady Henze Art

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