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Kwangho Lee - Sculptures and Art
Kwangho Lee
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Kwangho Lee

Seongdong-gu, South Korea

Kwangho Lee was born in 1981 and grew up in a small city next to Seoul, Korea. He completed his studies at Hongik University in Seoul, majoring Metal Art & Design, and graduated in February 2007. He currently lives and works in Seoul. This year marks his 10th year since the start of his career as a designer. Making things by hand was a great joy as a child, reminding his grandfather who, a farmer himself, constantly hand-made daily household goods from natural materials found nearby. Kwangho Lee appreciated the way he looked at everyday objects and thus began to approach things in similar ways; to give new meaning and function to the most ordinary. Today, as he continuously presents new series of works, he develops his practice by discovering moments of materials joining another. Until now he made works on marble and marble, copper and enamel, steel and steel and tries to describe in his works the instant moment of union.
He was nominated for Jury's Selection of Designer of The Future at Design Miami/Basel in 2009 and was selected as Artist of The Year 2011 by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Young Craftsman of The Year by Yeol-a society for Korean cultural heritage in 2013.
His works were shown at Commissaires, Johnson Trading Gallery, Victor Hunt, Karena Schuessler, Clear Gallery & Edition, Gallery Seomi, along with group projects and international exhibitions such as Design Miami/Basel, and Design Days Dubai.
Also, his works are included as a permanent collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art along with a number of features of his works released in major design publications worldwide.

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