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Kramer Design Studio / Randall Kramer

Chicago, IL

"MODERN Steel + Wood Furniture & Interior Elements"
Been an Artist since before my Artist Mother
bought me a 64-Crayon-box of Crayola's (instead of the cheaper 16-color package!)
Always drew (well) .
Always liked to "make things".
Started as a Potter, and later a Glassblower.
Learned to weld in High School.
Segued into Studying Industrial Design & Marketing.
Although my early work was very "decorative"- I focus on
Functional Timeless Furniture, which I refer to as "Of-The-Moment"
when pressed to describe a "Style" of Furniture I create.
Also I'm fond of categorizing my work as
"Rough LUXE".
Been published in The Chicago Tribune, LUXE Magazine,
Interior Design Magazine and many other publications.
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