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Udine, Italy

Fabrizio Bidoli in art Korfu was born in Palmanova, in the province of Udine, in 1963.
His artistic training took place in part in the paternal workshop of painting and engraving, attended by some of the greatest Friulian artists of the twentieth century.
From self-taught, since the 1980s, he has experimented with various pictorial and graphic techniques in media and heterogeneous materials. From plastics to fabrics, to more traditional forms on canvas, but always with a marked and decisive expression of the expressionistic matrix, in the quasi-matrix of the surrealistic sign, in the dreamlike and metaphysical dimension that pervades most of its productions. This, over time, forms itself within an expressive polyhedricity, creating a production of art objects, lamps, canvases and plexiglass works, all of which are strictly the result of a creative fantasy to trigger the ' Within the material itself, the figure of a semantics of the sign marked by expressive vigor and the diffused polychrome of the forms. Thus, in a stylistic periodization, objects of common and functional use, all marked by a well-defined and identifiable personality, where the expressive gesture and the figure of color intersect in an emotional vibration that tends to the recovery of the forms and styles of a twentieth-century matrix that can have like certain mentors, the names of Dalí, Savino, Max Ernst, as archetypal points of reference and symbolic acts from which to start. But it's not a cloning of archetypes but much of a feeling of affinity within stylistic paths that always come to overtaking the objective data, for a happy blend between the experience and in the color and strength of the graphome, the symbol of almost gestational gesture, the iconological determination of appearance and the dream. Opened works, which declare their membership on several interpretive sides, modulated surfaces by tracts of rare and intense expressive vigor, metaphors, would say, of a substantial strangeness towards the most famous and beaten paths, in search of the unprecedented and of the ' Unpredictable, the trace that leaves "trace" in the relationship between text (whether it is a canvas, a plastic surface or a fabric ...) and an icon, between the surface picta and interpretative history, between the emerging surface and the dialog of the signs.
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