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New York, NY

"3/4 Japanese and 1/4 Russian. He started painting on his own in 2018. KENDY has created a new artistic concept called “VISUAL ROCK PAINt” which coexists in the dichotomous worlds of East and West, digital and analog. Based on the cultural values of Japan, which have embraced and developed diversity, KENDY's concept of art is in the historical context of abstract art, which began with Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky and continued with Richter and Jackson Pollock. By identifying "light" with Russian art's Rayonisme and adding Zen art to it, KENDY embodies the art of the Enlightenment. On the other hand, there is also an effort to preserve Japanese visual rock music, a unique Japanese art culture, as a cultural asset in the context of the world's arts. This is based on his experience as an aspiring visual rock musician.  His painting style employs a unique technique that mixes digital silkscreening, a modern interpretation of Andy Warhol's silkscreening, with analog-like acrylic painting. It can be said that this is his unique new artistic method, which is typical of the Japanese-Russian quarter, in which he wants to make as many people living today aware of the social problem of "symbiosis" that people will face in the near future due to the evolution of AI.  Action painter Jackson Pollock is in the historical stream of transition of abstract expression pioneered by Russian artist Vasily Kandinsky. And the Japanese artist Kazuo Shiraga also follows this trend. His radical action painting technique, which directly links physical movement and painting, and his fusion of action painting with Buddhism, especially esoteric Buddhism, which places greater emphasis on the senses and the body in enlightenment, drew international attention for his avant-garde technique, which he called "foot painting. KENDY's "VISUAL ROCK PAINt" follows this trend in art history, and has developed into a unique style by combining Rayonisme, Russian abstract art with strong mathematical elements, and Scandinavian art with strong geometric elements."
2021 – Grand Prize, ARTRUM SELECTION Exhibition
2021 – Selected, ARTRUM SELECTION Exhibition
2021 – Selected, The 1st Okuno Building Galleries Art Exhibition
2018 – Second Prize, The art challenge 2018 in USA. eye challenge
2018 – Selected, The 92nd JAPAN National Exhibition, The National Art Center, Tokyo

2021 – Group Exhibition @ Gallery104, New York ( USA) (upcoming)
2021 – 100BANCH Nananana Festival @ Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM], Yamaguchi(Japan)
2021 – ARTRUM SELECTION Exhibition @ARTRUM TOKYO GALLERY, Tokyo (Japan) 
2021 – Group Exhibition @BLVD Gallery, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
2021 – Vallentine VR Exhibtion, @Coreyheldford Gallery, London (UK)
2021 – The 1st Okuno Building Galleries Art Exhibition @ Gallery Ittoan, Tokyo (Japan)
2019 – SHIBUYA STYLE Vo.13 @ Seibu Shibuya B, 8F Art Gallery,Tokyo ( Japan)
2019 – SELECTION ART SHOW -1ST TIME LA @Touchon & Co Gallery, Los Angeles(USA)
2019 – Navigating the Japanese Future @ Hive and Gallery Studio, Los Angeles(USA)
2018 – MVW Exhibition @ Fukuya Hatchobori, 7F Gallery, Hiroshima (Japan)
2018 – The 92nd National Exhibition of Contemporary Art @ The National Art Center, Tokyo(Japan)
2020 – Casie Casual Art Auction VOL.3 WITH MOBAOKU *SOLD OUT

■Live Painting
2019 – ART BATTLE @ Dali Expo Museum, Monterey, California (USA)
2018 – IAG ART MARKET “IAM” @ Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park,Tokyo(Japan)
2018 – Secret Bass Crew Release Party @ White Space Lab, Tokyo(Japan)
2018 – The Church of Trance @Unit Daikanyama, Tokyo(Japan)
2018 – The Church of Trance @Solfa Nakameguro, Tokyo(Japan)

2021 – 11/4 Azzurri Torigoe FM
2020 – 11/16Nippon(Japan) cultural NEWS PROGRAM “Kazumi Saito’s News Wide SAKIDORI!
2020 – Bond University MBA Program web magazine “mba Switch
2019 – 10 Web interview article “ARTRATES”
2018 – 12/13 RCC Radio “Ohiruna”, Chugoku Broadcasting Co.
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