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Juan Carlos Macias - Public Mosaics and Public Art
Juan Carlos Macias
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Juan Carlos Macias

Chicago, IL

“Juan Carlos Macías, Guadalajara (1961), is a painter and engraver. He studied Architecture and Plastic Arts at the University of Guadalajara. He studied Engraving and Lithography at the School of Arts at Los Angeles Valley College, in California.

He has exhibited individually and collectively in various galleries and museums in Mexico, the United States, France, Argentina, Costa Rica, Brazil, Korea and Morocco. He has won national and international awards and recognitions such as "The Students Awards at The Valley College", "Omnilife Award", "The Guadalupe Posada Award", scholarships for "The Harpo Foundation", "The Illinois Art Council", "The Chicago Public Art Program "," Maya Romanoff Philanthropy "and" La Source ".

Juan Carlos Macías has lived and worked in Mexico, the United States, France, Germany and Morocco. He has public works in Chicago Illinois and in Chennebrun France.”