Jan Sullivan Fowler - Art and Rugs
Jan Sullivan Fowler

Jan Sullivan Fowler

South Milwaukee, WI

"Gossamer thin and very refined Japanese Handmade Washi paper painted with sophisticated colors mixed using techniques first developed Centuries ago by Japanese Monks to portray the 'blush' of their Cherry Blossoms."
After earning my Fine Arts degree, I began exhibiting in Chicago and, all the other large market Art shows.
My work was considered the quintessential 'Chicago art' thus landing a diptych of mine in a Tom Cruise Hollywood movie filmed in the 'Windy City'!
I mix my colors using, Centuries old color mixing techniques, first developed by Japanese Monks to portray the 'blush' of their highly venerated Cherry Blossoms.
Today, my artwork is receiving critical acclaim from the major Art Markets in the World.
Florence Biennale, LA Designers, Art consultants, Galleries, Publishing Houses, Art publications, etc...
I've now branched out to having handmade rugs woven from my paintings and designs with, Shoji screens, wall coverings and upholstery material on the near horizon.
The most fun is, collaborating with the A&D community to bring forth some wonderful and amazing design visions!

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