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Johnny Abrahams - Paintings and Art
Johnny Abrahams
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Johnny Abrahams

New York, NY

Johnny Abrahams makes exquisite, labor-intensive, abstract acrylic-on-canvas paintings, covered edge-to-edge with endless iterations of patterned lines. “Beginning each piece with a grid, I can either express that structure or divide it into smaller, increasingly intricate geometries to form a progressively finer language of elements,” he explains. “Put into high-contrast figure-ground relationships, these reduced elements become vibratory, and they destabilize the fixed gaze.” He often works in black-and-white, and with curving, zigzagging, or straight lines, creating the illusion of movement and depth on the flat, still surface of the picture plane to call attention to the process of perception.

Johnny’s signature moiré paintings are so precisely executed, they appear to be computer generated. But in fact, they are made through a simple yet time intensive process of applying thin lines of paint in a repetitive overlapping pattern. He demonstrates the illusory nature of repetition through visual languages generated by pattern and process. Johnny’s work has been shown at Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin, Jack Hanley Gallery and The Hole in New York, Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco, and 10 Hanover in London.