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Jason Naylor

New York, NY

Jason is an award-winning artist, designer, and creative director who has been working in NYC for 15 years. After earning a BFA in graphic design from Brigham Young University, he moved to NYC to immerse himself into the life, color and magic of New York. He began his professional career working in the Creative Department of MAC Cosmetics, where he learned about the business of art and design, and developed his taste for spreading life and color into any and every project he could get his hands on. Six years later, Jason set out to start spreading his own message into the world.
Jason’s work consists of bright colors and rich blacks, and regularly contains messages of love and positivity, as he believes that kindness is the key to success. He works in both digital and traditional media, and while his work ranges from typography and illustration, to products and large scale murals, the immediately recognizable commonality in all of his work is his electric color palette and his positivity. Jason’s work has received several awards including two CLIO Fashion&Beauty Bronze medals. It has been featured in numerous publications and blogs and he has been featured on HGTV and the Discovery Channel. In 2018, Jason was named by BUMBLE as one of the 100 Most Inspiring New Yorkers, and his upbeat, colorful creations have found partnership with a range of brands like Coach, Heineken, XBOX, and Maybelline.
Jason’s mission is to spread color and positivity across the globe. He breathes life into every project with an upbeat attitude, humility and confidence. Having worked as an art director for years, he understands the creative process inside and out, and knows when to bend with flexibility, and when to hold his stance. Jason’s brightly colored designs and positive words reflect his zeal for life, his quest for joy and his love of LOVE. Currently, Jason is working towards developing a 3D version of one of his favorite motifs... the heart.
Wescover creator since 2019

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