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Jason Andrew Turner

Brooklyn, NY

I use the tools of drawing and painting to explore the concepts of time, landscape, and shared consciousness. I create obsessive compulsive environments from my own experience, referencing the self-examination of post expressionist painting alongside the modern information age. The work utilizes steady, and rhythmic and repetitive gestures contrasted with careful color associations to allow the viewer to navigate and attribute personal meaning; as if building a vast space for the participants to exist in the form a shared story. The works focus is contrasted between the concrete and the ethereal questions that determine our existence and connectivity, by balancing memory and experience through the lens of meditation and imagination. There is a visual detachment between the participants in the narrative and the mechanically produced marks. The artworks serve as a mirror for the viewer to slip into an entangled consciousness; a shared mysticism of space and form.
Wescover creator since 2019
Projects Portfolio
Electric Venom Tattoo Parlor
Sicklerville, NJ
Elixr Coffee Roasters
Philadelphia, PA

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