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Jane Burton, Abstract Painting

Jane Burton, Abstract Painting

San Francisco, CA

"I create large-scale abstract paintings that portray a sense of joy, harmony, and empowerment for corporate and residential settings worldwide."
The Little Artist:
Like most artists, I've been a maker since I was a little kid. One of my fondest memories is hanging with my dad in his workshop pouring plaster into red rubber molds to create an army of nativity figurines that we later painted in the Sunday school class he led.

I loved to experiment and get dirty doing it. I worked with crayons, markers, paint, plaster, paper-mache, pipe cleaners, paper, nails, glue, wood, and oh, oh, glitter!

Education and Corporate Work:
My degree was in fine art with an emphasis in painting. I had the privilege to study under Wayne Thiebaud, an incredible teacher and human being. After I graduated, however, I needed to make a living. So, I continued my education and fell in love with graphic design. My career took me to the corporate world where I found myself quickly moving away from the creative and into management.

Although I loved the people, I found it draining my soul.

Family, Sisters and Kids:
Ten years into my career in the corporate world, I met and made a family with my husband and his nine year old daughter. Four years later we were blessed with our second daughter who we adopted from Nashville; she was nine days old.

With work, and two daughters, life got busy!

After a bit, I was searching for something to feed my creative longing, my sister (I'm blessed to be one of 4 sisters) suggested a camp called Ghost Ranch in Northern New Mexico where we could all vacation with our mom and kids. I took a class in American Indian pottery and learned how to form bowls and spiritual artifacts through coil building and firing in a large outdoor pit.
I fell in love with the whole process and the strong connection to the earth. It wasn't long before I found myself struggling to wheel my husbands treasured motorcycles out of the garage to make room for my waiting kilns and built a sculpture and painting studio in the lower level of my home.

Finding my Way Back to my Creative Roots:
After a number of years immersed in learning, I knew it was time to get real, to begin turning away from a world in which I had been successful, and give voice to my true nature. So, fifteen years ago, I went back full-time to my first love, my true voice.

What Inspires Me:
Everything! People watching, nature, yoga, spirituality and science. In all those things I feel a vibration, a vibration that connects everything in this universe together.

The Rewards:
My visual language allows me to go where words can’t in expressing the joy and the tranquility at my core. And, so, my daily struggle with the canvas, or lump of clay, before me is to get out of my head, to set thoughts and words aside and stream feelings directly. I use many tools beyond brushes... leaves, branches, mops, plastic, knives, wire, and most often, my hands. I still love to experiment and get dirty!

The process is like a piece of music, or a walk in the woods, it's a feeling of excitement, empowerment, and tranquility all mashed together. If I can maintain my focus, stay out of my head long enough, the resulting image is fresh, alive, evocative and fun.

Back into my head, I try to see the work as a new viewer might. Whether the viewer is a collector in their home enjoying the first cup of the day or a corporate employee hustling through the lobby after a harried commute, I am hopeful that my work will take them to the place inside themselves that is new and refreshing.

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