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J.A. Mayer "Sculptor"

J.A. Mayer "Sculptor"

New Alexandria, PA

After working in a variety of media over the years; the versatility of masonry has not only captured my attention but has overwhelmed my life.
My sculptures all begin by forming a metal armature and then they come alive by applying layers of masonry. Some of my pieces take form which we are familiar with in nature. Others resemble fanciful creatures which resemble nothing of which we are familiar.
I wish everyone could experience the excitement I enjoy with each new piece.

At the west end of Main Street in the small town of New Alexandria, Pennsylvania is a compound of buildings that serve as my home and studio. Over the past four decades, I have worked in various media, including woodworking, painting, photography and finally masonry. I have found that due to its versatility, masonry has become my medium of choice.

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