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Isabella Addison

Boca Raton, FL

I’m Isabella Addison. My work deals with the theory and the repercussions of Technological Singularity, which is a theory that deals with Artificial Intelligence growing so rapidly, that there isn’t any way to stop or revere it. My paintings employ powerful representational imagery and realism to evoke the narrative of my main subjects and abstracted mark making for the secondary visual elements. My animation process takes a very similar approach. I paint the backgrounds for my animation and I use the digital process to animate my characters over it.
Currently, I am creating a series of paintings and animations collectively entitled Disco’s Dead. This project focuses on the destruction of the Earth due to the exponential growth of artificial intelligence and human inaction. The work is a commentary on present-day politics, consumer industry, environmental conservation, wide-spread drug addiction, and the growing use of social media in our society. My intention is to show the dark side of what may happen to the planet if we keep ignoring the signs of climate change and only pay attention to social media.
Wescover creator since 2020

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