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Horton Arts Gallery

Atlanta, GA

Jason Horton was born in Brandon, Mississippi in 1974. His mother was a still life oil painter. His father was a cartoon illustrator. As an only child, Jason’s parents focused on nurturing his creative growth. By the time he was 10, he was winning awards for his art. He began college in Mississippi, but grew restless after a year and moved to New Orleans when he was 17. He was exposed to the culture, history, and architecture that set his life on a new path.

New Orleans was the catalyst in bringing Jason’s creativity and authentic nature to the surface. Jason fell in with group performance artists in New Orleans and began designing costumes. After a year and a half, Jason was feeling cramped by the small community in New Orleans. In 1994, he moved to Atlanta. He felt refreshed by being in a young, thriving city. In Atlanta, Jason was known for his expertise with color from his costume design and got jobs as a colorist in a specialty salon then creating custom make-up for clients.
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