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Hilary Herrmann

Byron Bay, Australia

I live on a rural property in the hinterland of Byron Bay. Beautiful lush countryside, with undulating hills, I am surrounded by a community of friends that are a lovely mixture of miscreants and misfits. They colour my world. My teenage daughter reminds me of a character out of Gabrielle Garcia Marquez’ novel and I often feel the need to stop her floating into the skies.. There is a Brahman bull, Angus cattle, neurotic dogs, bad tempered ducks and a forgotten garden, a sad and lonely chook yard, one too many battles with the crafty foxes. All on the to do list.
I like to paint. Stepping over the cobwebs and chewed up dog bones, paint on my verandah looking out at this vast world.
I am motivated to paint by the need to express my thoughts and imagination.
I have a strong desire to bring people into my storytelling. The figures, creatures and visual references often reflect a wide range of curiosities and references and intrigues. They come from a diverse range of sources that include fragments and abstractions from the world of mythologies, the kabbala, poetry, literature, popular culture, current affairs, personal memory and daily rituals.
The works become a metaphorical place to find a haven and safe place to roam from the harsh realities and complications of the modern world, the shadow of which is still often discernible. This makes for a strangely compelling cocktail of innocence, whimsy, longing and menace.
My work is also about hopefully gaining knowledge, about experimentation and about the skills of painting and mark marking.
Wescover creator since 2020

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