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Domžale, Slovenia

Life among orchards

In an age of global capitalism, fast life, lack of privacy and time, and indirectly the visual shrinkage of the earth with ever-increasing population and urbanization, the design of a house, where living spaces are integrated with an outdoor garden is in a today's world a luxury for every individual and his family life.

House between orchards is designed with individual green gardens formed around it, which are connected to each room: living room has a living atrium, dining room and kitchen have a dining atrium, office has a working atrium and bedrooms are among the treetops. All rooms of the house thus become part of the outdoor space and nature and vice versa. Natural and indoor spaces are intertwined. The house grows synchronously from nature and its surroundings and becomes a part of it.

Higher Lecturer, Benjamin Hafner, u.d.i.a.
Wescover creator since 2020

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