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H. Ward Miles

H. Ward Miles

Indianapolis, IN

"My artistic philosophy revolves around nonverbal truths at the foundation of who we are, as individuals and as a society. There have been many times in my life where an answer was given to me, and although these answers were thoughts in my brain, they were not thoughts FROM my brain. That is my art. Nonverbal searches and discoveries that lead to deeper truths that connect everything and us all. Painting layer after layer allows me to work through ideas and feelings, both comfortable (family, love, relationships, parenthood, nature), and uncomfortable (social injustice, racial inequality, political differences, environmental destruction, war, sexism, and fear), and come to creatively problem solve both the piece and the question. I seek to represent life--complicated, brutal and beautiful--in my work and hope to connect my work to those deeper, nonverbal truths found in the unconscious mind of others as well."

H. Ward Miles is a full-time contemporary painter, based in Indianapolis. She was awarded a billboard in the High Art Billboard Project in 2018 (Feminine and Ferocious), as well as being voted (by the Indianapolis community) People's Choice Billboard winner for the year. She was also awarded the mural space at the Indianapolis International Airport from January 2018-December 2020. She was the Stutz residency recipient for 2018-2019, and is now a current Stutz tenant, painting 40 hour work weeks. She was the artist chosen for the artwork in the Indiana Design Center's new renovation, an artist chosen by Pattern Magazine to participate in St'Art Up 317 in May 2018, and was awarded numerous awards at art festivals throughout the midwest.

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