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Cleveland, OH

"Modern abstract geometric art that enriches spaces and surfaces."
gneural™ is a contemporary surface design studio run by artist and designer Debbie Clapper, specializing in murals, pattern licensing & immersive design.

gneural believes that the value beautiful art brings to the community goes well beyond being visual eye candy. It creates human connection, develops culture, inspires creativity, can be an engine and motivator, and has the ability to improve vibrancy and safety in a community. Art bears hope.

Drawing nearly every day since the age of 9, Debbie has mastered the art of freehand drawing and painting without the aid of a ruler or straight edge. She has built a lush career around pattern illustration via her passion for abstract optical illusion art. Heavily inspired by M.C. Escher and graffiti, Debbie’s work strives to inspire all who interact with it. For 18 years she ran an award-winning graphic design studio, and now she focuses on creating innovative surface design and cultivating creativity. Her sophisticated creations have brought life to the Snowmass Game Lounge, Night Lights Denver, Smartwool, Apex Designs, BOA Technology, Hope Hummus, Green Joe Coffee, Rickshaw Bags and Pactimo, to name a few.
Wescover creator since 2019

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