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Glencairn Furniture

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

"Where Furniture Means More"
Based in Edinburgh, Glencairn Furniture was founded in 2019 by Richard England.

Originally qualifying as an engineer, Richard spent 18 years in PR and marketing before reigniting a passion for working with his hands.

He subsequently retrained at The Chippendale International School of Furniture as a designer and maker of bespoke furniture.

“Glencairn Furniture’s philosophy is simple,” Richard explains.

“It’s about combining traditional techniques with modern technology to create beautiful furniture that will be loved for generations.

“We live in an expendable society, where fast furniture is becoming as common as fast fashion. To keep pace with ever-changing styles, manufacturers are pumping out cheaply made furniture to the detriment of quality and the environment.

“At Glencairn Furniture, our aim is to give clients a compelling alternative - exquisite handcrafted furniture, made using the finest materials, and with a commitment to sustainability.”

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