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GG Arquitectura

Mexico City, Mexico

Architect Gerardo Garcia, a graduated from the Universidad Anáhuac at Mexico City, began his professional career in 1995, working in several architectural firms and independently since 1999.

In his professional career, he has had the opportunity to develop projects of different kinds, such as corporative, cultural, industrial, interior design and residential projects, a genre that has been the most representative of his career.

The reinterpretation of the traditional materials and processes of Mexican architecture in contemporary and vanguardist forms characterize his works. Twenty years of experience have contributed to the development of his own style, working with sophisticated and ad hoc spaces that address our current lifestyle.

As a protagonist and transformer, the architect, along with his team, designs spaces by manipulating the ways in which the user interact with them from the functional aspect;
In his projects he emphasizes the use of pure forms, using contrast through color, texture, solidity and transparency and the interaction of the interior space with the exterior.
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