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Erin Hupp Ceramics

Erin Hupp Ceramics

San Francisco, CA

"Handmade, wheel-thrown tableware"
Erin Hupp is a San Francisco-based ceramicist. She focuses on functional, hand crafted, wheel thrown ceramics. Erin’s recent collection is inspired by the boundary between earth and water, rough and smooth. She glazes half of her pieces, leaving bare some of the textured, dark clay body. Organic, rich and sensory are some of the words used to describe her ceramics.

Her design process begins with a site visit where she draws inspiration from the space and creatively collaborates with the chef or owner. She sketches and tests various forms in her studio, bringing each to the space to see how they coexist. Her pieces are slow made and intentionally created for the space they live in.

Ceramics have been a part of Erin's life for the past 20 years whether its teaching classes, making production pottery, managing a production studio, or selling her own work. For her the most satisfying part of being a creative is seeing people experience and use her custom tableware.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"I love the transformative process of clay on the potter's wheel. The clay begins as a round ball and is shaped by my hands into a functional, unique handmade object that can be enjoyed in daily life."
Erin Hupp CeramicsErin Hupp Ceramics

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