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Greenville, SC

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Emily often incorporates several techniques such as crocheting, macramé, knitting and weaving in her work. Materiality holds an importance in her design process. You can often find metal and fiber used in combination throughout her designs. She strives to create a beautiful balance between soft, rigid, and a little bit of shine.

Emily also often naturally hand dyes yarns she uses in her work with botanical dyes. She enjoys the process of connecting with nature through her work by foraging or collecting the plants herself before creating the botanical dyes. As the daughter of a florist and a chemist, Emily loves to combine her love of nature and her fascination with the chemical process to create one of a kind colors for her work.

Emily currently lives in Greenville South Carolina. When She’s not making jewelry or fiber art for Barton Craft & Design, she’s an installation and display artist. You can check out her large scale work at www.emilybartondesign.com

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