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Ella & Pitr - Street Murals and Public Art
Ella & Pitr
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Ella & Pitr

Paris, France

“Based in Saint-Etienne, France, Ella & Pitr became internationally recognized as a duo which transgresses the limits of street art. The growing popularity can mostly be subscribed to the magnitude of their work, but also their unique character design and the perfect choice of the environment in which they are situated. The design of the characters is highly influenced by the aesthetics of comics and children book illustrations. The portrayed subjects are often caught in everyday actions, showing an array of emotions and mental states that anyone can relate to, which makes them so lovable and sympathetic for the audiences. Ever since they first started working together Ella & Pitr have been focusing on the context of their art, often challenging the viewers by picking the unusual and unconventional locations for their artwork like rooftops, runways, and even the whole fields.

Ella & Pitr are a couple of French artists who met in 2007 and decided to combine their talents. They created the duo “Les Papiers Peintres”.Their work is seen all over the world, but it’s mostly populated in France and western Europe. In 2016, they held their first-ever United States gallery show at Vertical Gallery in Chicago, displaying their new art. They paint their murals onto giant walls, parking lots, rooftops, train cars, and more and usually depict a larger-than-life human trapped within the confines of their painting.”