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Porto, Portugal

"We need to bring colors for giving happiness to grey world"
Ekyone was born in 1982 in the city of Porto.
From an early age he is interested in decorative arts and drawing, something that makes him fly in a dream world full of balance and harmony. From a very early age, he began drawing and was based on landscape designs and monuments and was a great source of inspiration and motivation in this environment.
During his childhood he moved to Lisbon, being in the capital where at sixteen had the first contact with graffiti and realized what could really be done with a spray can. Soon he began testing and drawing letters and small logos and some dolls.
In 1998 he started painting with some friends, and now, after almost 20 years of continuous work, many paintings are still active, collaborating with some national and international companies, individuals, bars, cafes, championships, TV shows and some national tournaments and events. and worldwide.
He always tries to keep his unique style, and although he draws a lot of letters, which is his favorite thing to do, it also varies a lot in landscapes, designs and some objects.
In addition, she keeps a constant study of new techniques and materials, with an open mind to never stop and surpass herself every day.
Wescover creator since 2019

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