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Istanbul, Turkey

"Wallpaper - Wallcoverings"
EDOFLEKS A.S established in 1978. Edo tex specialise in production of commercial and fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings . We have developed a good reputation for quality, designs, customer services and technical support. Our products use in many international projects like accommodation, health, housing, office and education.
Hotels and hospitals mostly prefer fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings. As the crowd of people is very busy here, it can pose a danger to human health. In other words, these areas are open to dirt and dust formation and microbes can easily spread in these places. You should know that edo-tex wallpapers are very safe products where they are using. They do not contain dirt and dust, all products has antibacterial properties. In any way, do not cause fire retardant diseases.
Wescover creator since 2020

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