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Edo Rath

Haarlem, Netherlands

"paintings, paper art and murals"
About Edo:

Edo Rath is an autodidact visual artist born and raised in Rotterdam.
He lives and works in Haarlem and has been back in the Netherlands since August 2019 after a three-year journey that has brought him many new insights and inspiration.
Edo's work is precise, colorful , and recognizable by its characters and use of color for both young and old to enjoy. Nothing in his work is random and everything has been thought out to evoke the right balance and feeling that is so distinctive for the work that Edo makes.
his goal is not very complicated and stripped of politics and opinion, Edo wants to make people happy and feel happy with the work he makes.
he also wants to amaze and distract people just as positively.

Edo gets his inspiration from his travels, graffiti, street art and cartoon-esque related art. Inspired by artists who work in the same style and quality that Edo tries to achieve in his work, he raises the bar every time where it becomes possible.
Through the collaboration and contact he has with other artists working on the streets or on canvas for shows and exhibitions, the work continues to grow and keeps his options flexible and exciting.

Edo works with acrylic paint and has currently almost completely switched to working with brushes in his acrylic work.
where he used to use acrylic markers, he now notices that working with brushes achieves a better, tighter and stronger result.
he uses a scalpel a cutting mat and colored paper for his paper art.
for larger walls, both inside and outside spray cans will be the tool to use.

Every project begins with a tiny pen sketch to work that idea out into a bigger scale and will always get his full 100 percent focus.
whether it is a large wall painting, a small canvas or paper art frame.
it will always be a valuable and outstanding addition to the environment of customers, enthusiasts or passers-by.
his work today can be found in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and all over Europe. He aims to bring his work to many new countries and cities in the near future. He hopes to meet you there soon and who knows maybe even enjoy a good cup of coffee and a muffin together.
Wescover creator since 2019

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