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Rome, Italy

"Our art is about how our inner child eyes see."
DUEALBERI is a creative duo based in Italy and represents the combined artistic talents of Antonia G. and Fabio D since 2010.
In their colorful works, they explore the unconventional and the vital through the lens of childlike freedom. Pictorial gestures free from control bring on the canvas a complete abstraction of reality, strokes and compositions are intuitive, gestural, natural, spontaneous, while the use of bold and fresh colors with a playful attitude brings a contrasted expression of life, yet optimistic, vital, light, joyful and frank. Duealberi's vibrant paintings are made with multiple layers of different media and enhanced through the use of acrylics, oils and charcoal on canvas or wood.

Duealberi's art is in numerous private collections and has been choosen also for many cinematografic art scenes appearing in Warner Bros series for several seasons.
Duealberi works closely with interior designers and decorators on different projects all over the world, mainly in the U.S., Australia, U.K., Europe, Japan, with over 3000 artworks sold to collectors in more than 42 countries.

Dayton Metro Library - USA

Present extensively in private collections across 42 countries worldwide, mainly USA




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Residential Project
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Residential Project
Dallas, TX

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