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Deth P. Sun - Art
Deth P. Sun
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Deth P. Sun

Berkeley, CA

“The magical swashbuckling adventure world in evidence within the paintings created by Deth P. Sun, is largely brought to life through his passion for history, the natural world and the small circulation self-published works that we know as zines. Having developed a unique and distinctively masterful grasp of linear brushwork, which is coupled with richly intuitive colour palettes, Deth’s visual aesthetic owes much to the language of the comic book image, and retains much of its deceptive simplicity. Narratives are suggested via Deth’s supernatural and anthropomorphised characters who appear to be lead by a central protagonist; a cat, who provides us with a genderless hero (or anti-hero) of no specific race, onto whom we can project our own meanings, and from whom we can derive our individual connotations and connections.

Deth P. Sun is an artist who originally hails from San Diego and is currently living and working in Fort Bragg, California. He studied for two years at San Francisco State University, until he transferred to the California College of Arts and Crafts, where he received his BFA in 2002 in Painting and Drawing. Deth has now been exhibiting his artwork for over a decade, and has seen it hanging in venues such as San Francisco Arts Commission, The Leeds College of Art and The Oakland Museum of California.”
Deth P. Sun (San Diego, CA, 1979 - )