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Taj 'Deams' Alexander

Melbourne, Australia

"Abstract Painter & Designer"
Painter and designer Taj ‘Deams’ Alexander was born 1986 in Hobart, Tasmania. He now resides and works in Melbourne, Victoria where he creates painting, mural and sculptural works that explore the flux of subjective perception through familiarity and mystique. His intuitive approach to painting and process allow for an introspective exploration of both visual language and relationship to environment. By way of this investigation he enquires into the nature of the human experience. Through his emotionally charged visual language Taj’s work seeks to both seduce and confound the viewer pulling them deeper into the sublime.

His understanding and investigation of materiality in the field of painting is extensive and unconventional, leading his practice further toward complexity and refinement. While deeply influenced by classical movements such as minimalism, abstract impressionism and Op Art, Taj maintains an open and progressive approach to ‘image making’. This approach sees influences from a multitude of creative fields including digital art, analogue photography, architecture and music.
Wescover creator since 2019
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Federation Square
Melbourne, Australia

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