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David Truman Tracy

Los Angeles, CA

David Truman Tracy is a Los Angeles-based sculptor and furniture designer. He started out helping build masterpieces for the world-renowned Lego artist Nathan Sawaya, and then began crafting his own unique furniture and sculptures from Lego bricks and cardboard. His artwork is owned by Warner Bros.’ (producer of “The Lego Movie” ) offices in Los Angeles, design-savvy tech companies, as well as interior designers and collectors across the country.

Tracy says about his materials, "Lego and cardboard create a ‘cool’ factor not shared by more traditional materials. Just as my furniture built from lego bricks turns a common children’s toy into sophisticated works of art, my chairs turn cardboard into highly polished, beautiful, and well-crafted pieces of functional art.”

Shows dedicated to his artwork have been held at Google’s San Francisco offices. David has partnered with schools in California and Hungary on educational Lego building events.

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