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David Fredrik Moussallem

David Fredrik Moussallem

Toronto, Canada

David Fredrik Moussallem’s mixed-media works blend chaos and harmony, all while expressing different “stories from the streets”. Extensive world travels inspire his focus on global subcultures and urban street life. His background in Advertising, Graphic Design, and Typography heavily influence his compositional approach and he describes his pieces as “revealing our differences and similarities in a raw and honest approach”.

David’s deconstructed carved collage works immediately made a strong impression with collectors and curators, and in only a few short years he was named an "Artist to Invest in Now" by Saatchi Art. He has garnered a world-wide following of private collectors and his work currently resides in over 15 countries.

David's work has been represented and exhibited at galleries in Paris, New York City, South Florida, and his hometown of Toronto, ON, Canada.

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