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Dan Terry

Austin, TX

"After a lifetime of study & work as an artist, in recent years I've come to accept there's some truth in how others have long defined me as a "contemporary Renaissance master."
Michaelangelo's amazing Pieta and Davinci's inventive drawings warped me into becoming an artist at an early age. From my teens, my art provided steady work in print shops and newspapers. Theater companies hired me to design and create sets. Freelance clients came wanting posters, catalogs, typography services, technical and patent drawings, magazine ads and covers and banners. The San Antonio Museum Association, operating the SA Museum of Art, the Witte Museum of Natural History and the SA Museum of Transportation, brought me in as designer and soon was learning how to transform vast empty spaces into interactive exhibitions. Before long, I was invited to teach at the University where I earned a degree while working for San Antonio and for about 20 years I taught while continuing my education and serving corporate freelance clients, like River City Productions, Apple Computer, Microsoft, Thermon International, and others. Theater connections led to film opportunities as Production Designer, and or Director of Photography/Producer. Recently those mix of experiences led to mural commissions in which spaces are transformed with paint, light, sculptural and architectural elements into environments that set a mood and atmosphere for restaurants, corporate offices, hotels, and homes. There are nearly 50 murals scattered widely across the state of Texas created within the last 5 years since specializing in that type work and commissioned collector artworks. I live and work in beautiful Austin, TX.
Wescover creator since 2019

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