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Cristian Stefanescu

London, United Kingdom

I believe in energy, I believe everything is vibration, we, in our human state of being, thoughts, our creations as a direct result of our ideas whether it is a table or a chair, a painting or a photograph.
I believe that, no matter what an artist wants to say, no matter what he or she wants to transmit, eventually it is you, as the viewer, as the observer who fundamentally assigns the meaning of each object or artwork, and by doing that you determine the effect of that assignment as positive or negative, like or dislike.
Your conscious willingness to observe an artwork is translated into an unconscious willingness to observe if you harmonically resonate with the vibration of that particular artwork. Furthermore, when you allow yourself to vibrate sympathetically with the vibration of the artwork, when this synchronicity happens, you get a good feeling, a positive effect, and implicitly you appreciate the work.
Wescover creator since 2020

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