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Quebec City, Canada

"Our visual language is characterized by the use of recognizable forms, bright colours, a playful use of scale, and improbable encounters."
We are an artist duo named Cooke-Sasseville. Working together since 2000, we have presented our work at numerous solo exhibitions and have participated to significant collective events in Canada, USA, Europe and Mexico, producing an impressive corpus of sculptural and installation work. Throughout our career in visual arts, we have always developed our projects in relation to the sites where they will be installed. The creation of public art projects is thus directly in line with our artistic approach. Over the years, we have created many major projects by their deployment in space and the mixed nature of the materials and techniques used. We both act as designers of our works and manage them with our various suppliers. Since 2008, we have created 28 public artworks for various Canadian municipalities, organisms and private companies. We have developed the skills required to manage large-scale projects involving many stakeholders all the while respecting the proposed deadlines and budgets. We have worked with a range of materials including aluminium, bronze, stainless steel, and concrete, and developed solid expertise in installing indoor and outdoor works. We have built and maintained a solid network of collaborators who help us realize our projects.
Wescover creator since 2020

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