Sculptures and Wall Hangings by Christina Watka
Christina Watka

Christina Watka

New York, NY, United States

Christina Watka is a New York-based installation artist who specializes in large-scale installation art. Watka’s installations evoke naturally dynamic patterns found in swarms, flocks, cells, constellations, and topographical maps. Her work often captures the natural light in specific spaces by using low-relief sculptural undulations that ebb and flow in a visual conversation about density, structured chaos, lightness, and air.

What do you want people to do or feel when they encounter your creations?

"I want people to feel a sense of optimism and lightness when existing with my work. I hope to evoke a certain type of joyful quiet, of peacefulness, and lively rest. I'm often told that the work feels so much more wonderful in person, and this speaks to the reason I love site-specific work."
-- Christina Watka

What motivates and inspires you?

"The outside, my grandmother, my son, repeated shape, light, and relentless joy."
-- Christina Watka

What makes a space special?

-- Christina Watka

What’s unique about your work?

"Most of the work I do is inspired by nature in some significant way. The compositions in the Murmuration series are loosely based on the compositions of starlings flying in dense swarms, though I don’t think of each piece as a literal Murmuration. I want the work to feel light, airy, and optimistic, but also so filled with energy that it could move at any minute. All of my work is inspired by compositions found in nature; mushrooms growing on tree stumps, schools of fish in the ocean, an aerial view of sheep being herded from one pasture to another, or bacteria are all great examples of things I may take inspiration from"
-- Christina Watka

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"Each piece made by hand. After it dries fully, I buff out any imperfections in the shape, bisque fire it, glaze it, and fire it again. Sometimes the pieces are fired a third time if a 22k gold glaze is applied. The handmade nature of each piece is very important to me because it adds a significant detail to the work as a whole; if you look closely, you can see fingerprints inside of each the hundreds of pieces that make up the whole composition."
-- Christina Watka
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