Chill - Art and Street Murals
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Venice, Italy

"His works project the viewer into a new dimension, realistic and surreal elements shape a limbo between reality and fiction, forms and subjects often multiply generating a '' System bug '' (‘’ Operating system error ’’) an illusory effect aimed at representing the profound identity crisis of today's society."
Born in the province of Venice in the early eighties, Andrea Zamengo in art CHILL is an urban muralist artist.
He began his artistic career in 2010 with a revelation that later changed his vision of the world and of life itself forever.
Its evolution in recent years is a continuous search for itself in relation to the relationship with the outside world.
In his artistic journey he confronts different techniques and styles such as collage, stencil, digital art and painting in search of his ideal style, a constantly evolving research that later resulted in pop surrealism and urban art.

His exhibitions alternate between Italy and Australia where he exhibited for three years at the Stencil Art Prize in Sidney in 2015/2016/2018.

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