Cécile Ganne - Paintings and Art
Cécile Ganne

Cécile Ganne

Belmont, MA

"Re-imagined Landscapes"
Painting for me is an intuitive transcription of a wave of emotion that traverses me when I encounter a view that strikes my soul. These views often take the form of landscapes but I think of landscapes as a loose word for any type of horizon where subjects emerge and engage the onlooker. For me, in fact, each landscape, sometimes imagined, re-imagined, or even dreamed, is a window of experimentation with different materials, shapes, colors, and textures. I primarily work with oil and cold wax because it allows me to play with negative spaces and to let serenpenditious alchemies of colors morph under my palette knife. Every work is an opportunity to work out a puzzle that I see at the center of each composition. In my art, I focus on fluid spaces, vibrant colors, and timeless compositions: modern paintings with a French eye!

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