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Corpus Christi, TX

I’m Cameron Walls. I grew up on the texas coast. I always loved being around water. When I was 12 years old my dad bought a little sailboat. From that first sail, I was hooked. The sunsets on the water are some of most amazing things I’ve ever seen, which is what gives me most of my inspiration to paint. I never thought I would be a professional artist, creating things was more of an outlet for me to relive stress and show people how I see the world through my eyes. When I was 25 I worked 90 hrs/week in the oilfield. Although I made quite a bit of money, it definitely was not worth my time. I hated every second of it. After 3 years of slaving away, the company that I spend all my time with let me go like I was just another number. After that, I never wanted to work for another big company again. I started painting, however this time it was to see if I could make a living doing what I loved.
2 years ago the best thing I could imagine happened to me, my little baby Marley was born. We spend every waking minute together and just like me, she has picked up a paint brush with her left hand. We lived on a sailboat for the first year of her life. I had planned on showing her the world on that boat till hurricane Harvey sunk it.
When I was Marleys age, my family poured a slab of concrete that we all suck our feet In and wrote the date hoping that one day we could show our kids how small we were. Living on a sailboat I never thought Marley would get that opportunity so I started hiding her footprints in my paintings. She quickly got the hang of it and now every time we paint she expects to get her foot painted and put in the painting. Hopefully some day she can show her kids all of the footprints in our paintings so they can feel how much love went into each piece.
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